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Some of the things in my kitchen that make me smile. Photo by Laura Conner Kestner

I don’t believe I was born in the wrong time period—I figure God put me right where He wants me—but I must admit to feeling an affinity for things from the past. In my opinion, nearly everything—cars, clothing, furniture, even houses—were prettier in the old days. Small appliances were practically a work of art. The picture here is from own kitchen. Looking at these things each day makes me happy…it’s that simple. It’s just a hodge-podge of old things, some from before I was born, but to me they’re beautiful.

I especially love the aprons. They remind me of my mother. Mama was/is one of the greatest cooks that I know (something I didn’t “inherit”) and I grew up with the best meals, made from scratch, that a person could want or need. I didn’t always appreciate it at the time, and was often envious of the kids in the neighborhood who got to eat “out” (I didn’t even know what that meant at first), but I realize now how special those meals—and my Mama’s dedication to her family—truly were. Mama cooked a lot for us kids (seven of us), and prayed a lot. I’m truly grateful for both.