Bits and pieces from old Texas newspapers.

Periodically I will add some bits and pieces here that I discovered in old newspapers. Nothing to do with my books at all, just snippets of what was considered newsworthy at the time. Stories, advertisements, even quotes that long ago publishers would use to “plug a hole” when they needed to go to press and didn’t have quite enough copy to fill the page. I’ve listed the newspaper name, and date, when available. I did NOT attempt to make any corrections to style or grammar.

A 30 Foot Fall – A boy, 10 Years Old, Fell Into A Well On Friday, Oct. 2, a ten year old son of Mr. McCarthy, a chairmaker, walked into a well, falling a distance of 30 feet into water over his head. A girl about 12 years old, was drawing water, and the boy approached the well with a bucket on his head. The wall was very low, and he went heels over head into the water. J.I. Minter was passing along the road at the time, and the girl ran out and hailed him. Mr. Minter saw the boy in the water, looking as if he could not hold out much longer, and plans in a few seconds were devised which resulted in saving the little fellows life. He was cut in one or two places in the fall. Stephenville Empire 10-10-1891